When a person or company owns or rents property, they are under an obligation to maintain and take care of said property or environment and keep it safe. If the person who owns, rents, or occupies the space and invites people over and that person is harmed because the property was unsafe, the person can file a claim for premises liability.

Making this claim involves proving that the responsibility of maintaining safe premises was breached due to negligence, which led to your accident or injury. Proving your case can be difficult, so it is advised that you seek action from a professional immediately. There are many ways to help your case, which include subpoenaing records of maintenance, taking pictures of the scene where the accident took place, or having testimonies from witnesses on the cause of the incident. An experienced personal injury lawyer from Combies and Hanson will help you maintain and present the evidence needed to have a successful case and claim.

Some examples of premise accidents are as follows: slip and fall, stairwell injuries, parking lot injuries, unsafe merchandise, drowning, swimming pool accidents, assault on business property, dim or poor lighting, amusement park injuries, playground injuries, negligent security, fall accidents, and school, church or daycare injuries.

Property owners and managers need are responsible for the conditions on their premises and need to make sure that there are no conditions on their premises that can potentially lead to a serious personal injury to a patron, client, guest, or invitee. This kind of premises violation can lead to a liability accident which could lead to serious harm or physical injuries. There are many reasons why an injured person should file for premise liability compensation from a property owner or manager. These include automatic gates causing serious injuries and/or property damage, balcony and porch accidents, building code violations, unsuitable swimming pools, elevator and escalator incidents, exposure to toxic fumes or chemical, falls on snow or ice, faulty electrical wiring, stairway and ramp accidents, and social host liability.

All throughout Massachusetts and also in Rhode Island, our premises liability lawyers at Combies Hanson have helped many injured parties get the compensation they deserve from the negligent premise owners and managers. We are experienced and dedicated to winning jury judgments for medical costs, lost wages, recovery expenses, pain and suffering, wrongful death, and other damages.

Our premises liability attorneys will work with a team of accident and premises liability experts to pursue your claim or lawsuit. We will investigate whether there has been a history of similar accidents or crimes that have occurred in the area or on the premises and whether the property owner or manager could have done anything to prevent your injuries. There may be more than one party that is liable for your premise liability accident, and we will pursue all avenues of recovery.

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Because the Statute of Limitations applies to these cases, victims have a limited period of time in which to file their case. If you feel you have a personal injury or wrongful death case, it is imperative that you act immediately to protect your rights.

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  • Construction injuries

  • Fall injuries

  • Dog bites and attacks

  • Swimming pool/drowning deaths

  • Burns and explosions

  • Liquor liability