Work injuries are a common and serious concern. Nearly three million nonfatal work-related accidents were reported to the federal government in 2017 alone, and nearly half of those required the injured employee to miss at least one day of work. If you’ve been injured on the job, Combies Hanson, P.C. can help. An accident on the job often leads to lost wages, medical bills, and other financial issues you may need to deal with, even after you get back to work.

Furthermore, recovering compensation can be a complex business. It’s often not a matter of taking a sick day and hoping for the best. Much depends not just on the nature of your work injury, but how it happened.


Did the injury occur by willful conduct or by accident? Did your supervisors take the proper safety precautions? Are you covered under their workers’ compensation policy? Will the insurer issuing that policy agree that you have a serious injury, or will they attempt to fight you in court? Are you being paid all that you’re owed, under the law? How will all of this affect your future employment?

Even a small work accident that that didn’t result in much damage can become more debilitating over time. That’s why you should secure the best possible legal help. At Combies Hanson, P.C., we pursue every avenue to ensure your work injury case is properly handled, and if necessary, tried in a court of law. Our primary goal is to help you obtain the compensation you’re truly entitled to, not what someone else decides is fair.


  • Report the accident. Make sure you call or visit your immediate supervisor (or someone else in authority) and inform them about what happened. This ensures that your employer was made aware of the injury in a timely manner.

  • Get Medical Attention. If you need emergency care, call 911 and allow an ambulance to transport you to the nearest medical facility. If it’s not an emergency, you should make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible.

  • Contact a Lawyer. Even if your employer has workers' compensation, you should contact an experienced work injury attorney right away to protect your rights and help ensure the maximum financial recovery.


If you have been hurt on-the-job, you may find yourself in a unique and challenging situation. It is often difficult to know what steps to take to seek proper medical attention, to file reports, and to get compensated for medical bills and lost wages. In many cases, employees have difficulty receiving the help and attention they need. Even if your employer has workers’ compensation coverage, you may be entitled to much more than the coverage provides.

If you have not filed a medical claim or do not feel that your claim was handled properly, it may be of benefit to contact our office. We will fight to protect your rights and get you the fair and just compensation you deserve.

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Because the Statute of Limitations applies to these cases, victims have a limited period of time in which to file their case. If you feel you have a personal injury or wrongful death case, it is imperative that you act immediately to protect your rights.

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