Case Results

$2,000,000.00 (TWO MILLION DOLLARS)

Two Million Dollar recovery for family of woman shot and killed while visiting apartment complex.  Combies Hanson, P.C. was able to demonstrate the apartment complex design and lack of security features made it a target for crime.  Police officers, detectives, and expert witnesses were all utilized to showcase the failed security measures in place by defendants.  The case was heavily worked-up and settled just days before trial.


Motor vehicle accident in which woman suffered cervical sprain, lower back sprain and post-traumatic headaches.  Injuries were labeled permanent by her primary care physician.  Defendant hired expert to suggest her treatment lasted no longer than three months and all treatment thereafter labeled unreasonable and unnecessary.  Offers at a failed mediation were less than $50,000.00, which Plaintiff refused.  Less than 30 days before trial, insurer tendered full policy limits of $500,000.00.


Underinsured motorist claim. Client injured by motorist carrying minimum insurance coverage of $20,000.00 while walking across the street. Combies Hanson recovered $100,000.00 from client’s own insurance policy. Injuries resolved completely by the time of settlement.


Woman struck while crossing street, suffering serious injuries. Defendant disputed liability, claiming woman was not in cross walk and had walked out in front of his vehicle. Full insurance policy proceeds were paid before filing formal litigation.


Recovered $250,000.00 for client on motorcycle struck by vehicle that did not have right of way at intersection. Client sustained numerous bone fractures and road-rash scarring. Negotiated healthcare lien to less than $1,000.00.


Woman suffered injuries when she tripped and fell into an excavation site along sidewalk. Combies Hanson, P.C. hired an engineering expert who confirmed that the excavation did not meet safety standards. Extent of woman’s injuries were contested and labeled as “pre-existing” in nature. Case resolved at mediation.

Injury caused by door manufacturer’s failure to use safety glass in accordance with glazing standards. Client, a college student, sustained injuries to his forearm when glass shattered resulting in scar to his wrist.

Passenger in vehicle driven by friends struck a telephone pole resulting in broken leg.

Client struck by speeding vehicle on highway resulting in separated shoulder necessitating occupational therapy.

Client struck by commercial truck resulting in two fractured bones.

Represented client in Federal Court of Rhode Island against manufacturer of hernia patch for selling a defective product.

Woman driving into parking garage struck by bus. Despite minor damage to her car, she alleged significant injuries requiring surgery to her knee. Defendants contested any injuries were related, noting that she did not seek immediate medical attention. Case resolved prior to trial via negotiations with defendant’s counsel.

Client, a man with both physical and mental impairments, was neglected by health care staff at nursing home leading to the development of painful pressure ulcers, dehydration and septic shock requiring emergency care.

Driver struck by motorist resulting in soft tissue injuries requiring physical therapy. Claim resolved prior to filing formal litigation.

Suit against property management company for failure to address rodent infestation. Tenant bit by rodent while sleeping resulting in emergency care.

Recovered monies owed on private un-recorded third mortgage executed shortly before the 2008 housing crash and collateralized by underwater luxury home in Essex County.