Jamaica Plain Suspect Known to Mildred Hailey Apartments. Arrested at Same Complex in 2014.

The tragic circumstances surrounding Christopher Joyce and Clayborn Blair continue to unfold following the arrest of Wilvin Guity of Dorchester. Mr. Guity was arrested by Boston Police and charged with murdering both men.

Guity was known to the Mildred Hailey apartment complex, having been arrested there in 2014 on an outstanding warrant. There is no indication that Guity was prevented from appearing at the apartments most recently on May 4th, nor any evidence that perimeter control had been in place forcing him to show an identification card before entering the complex.

According to Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley, [Guity] “walked into the Mildred C. Hailey Apartments and opened fire on a group of approximately 15 people in a Centre Street park.” He then hopped back into his vehicle and headed towards the Orchard Gardens housing development in Roxbury.

The Mildred Hailey apartments have a history of violent crime. In 2016, at the same 267 Centre Street address Guity was arrested in 2014, the grandson of the apartment’s name sake Mildred Hailey was shot and killed. Nigel Hailey suffered a gun shot wound on September 27th, 2016, and taken to an area hospital where he died.

Additional shootings have occurred at the complex as well, some victims as young as eight years old.

Guity was arraigned in Roxbury District Court and did not show his face. Family members of the victims appeared.

Pauline Hunt, Christopher Joyce’s aunt, stated “When a kid can’t go to the old neighborhood, and say, ‘look, I made it out, you kids can do the same,’ that’s sad, shot down for spreading good news, how do you do that?”

Shari Frazier, Joyce’s cousin, stated “If you have guts enough to pull the trigger, why hide behind the scene now?”

Apartment projects like these typically lack essential security measures despite a history of violent crime. In 2017, Combies Hanson, P.C. encountered a similar case in which a young girl was shot and killed in an apartment complex courtyard from a drive-by shooting. No arrests were made in the murder. Combies Hanson recovered $2 Million Dollars for the victim’s family, a settlement listed in the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly’s Largest Settlements and Verdicts annual edition.

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