The Stranger Things kids dressed up like Ghostbusters

Combies Hanson, P.C. – Happy Halloween!!

Combies Hanson, P.C. Oct. 31, 2017

Great Scott! There’s some stranger things than usual lurking around the neighborhood. Ghosts, goblins, and maybe even Barb will rise from the dead, and there’s no telling what time they’ll start their most excellent adventure.Halloween is a dangerous time for motorists and you don’t have to attend Julliard, graduate from the Harvard Business School, or travel quite extensively to figure out why. Kids in costumes are preoccupied with friends and candy they’ll undoubtedly feed on after midnight, and can you really blame them?Children of all ages are in costume — the Frog Brothers, Scott Howard, The Goblin King, Mick Dundee,John Bender and Kreese we expect to be the most common this year — and with or without parent chaperones, they’re prone to unexpectedly jump out and truffle shuffle into the street or get caught clowning-around peering into a storm drain. Maybe they dropped their “boom stick” or an essential component of their unlicensed nuclear accelerator pack. Whatever the case, it’s imperative we stay on high alert and drive safely. No Ludicrous speed, no 88 miles per hour.So slow down and put away the phone. Even if “the pizza dude is commin” to your neighborhood in the burbs, he’ll wait. Nothing is so important to put other people’s lives, especially children, at risk. It’s more dangerous than driving to Chicago at night with sun-glasses on while smoking a half pack of cigarettes.In short, “welcome to the party, pal,” and enjoy Halloween tonight. But be careful, because if you’re not, it’s “game over man.”Happy Halloween!