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Has your employer recently fired you due to something you learned at work? Has leadership caused you distress in the hopes you will keep quiet?

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Is your career at stake? Are you worried what might happen if you raise your concern to leadership? More concerned if you don’t? You may have a whistleblower lawsuit.

Whistleblower lawsuits are brought under the federal False Claims Act. The act rewards whistleblowers when the government recovers funds lost to fraud.

What Are Qui Tam Whistleblower Lawsuits?

Qui tam lawsuits provide a powerful way for whistleblowers to stop different types of financial fraud against the government. Some types of fraud include Medicare and Medicaid fraud and defense contractor fraud.

Successful qui tam cases allow the government to recover funds that have been stolen from the taxpayers and U.S. Treasury. The False Claims Act rewards and provides job protection for whistleblowers who bring successful qui tam lawsuits.

Under the False Claims Act, a private citizen may sue a business or individual that is defrauding the government to recover funds on behalf of the government. A qui tam lawsuit is filed under seal, meaning it’s kept secret giving the Justice Department time to investigate the allegations. Not even the business or individual being accused of fraud is told about the lawsuit.

Under the False Claims Act, qui tam cases are sealed for 60 days. Courts generally extend the seal many times to allow the government time to investigate the allegations, which can take years. The government may ask the court to partially lift the seal for the purpose of discussing a settlement with the party accused of fraud. Most successful qui tam cases are resolved through settlement rather than in trial.

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